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Fernando imagine


You go to your friends house this weekend.She had a big brother named Princeton  and you had a crush on him.To you he was the sexiest man alive and you loved seeing him when you went over your friends house.He knew you liked him and he kinda likes you back.Your friend had i thought you liked him but never bothered you with it as much.You packed you most sexiest close knowing that he was going to be there.I put on a pair of legginess’s and a oversize cute shirt that said loser on it that hung off my shoulders that you could see my green thong and bra throw but who car’s only my friend and prince would see it anyway.

When you got there you knocked on the door a soon as it opened it was Princeton. As soon as he saw me he licked his lips’s. and moved aside to let me in. you just shock my head and asked his where my friend was.He was stuck for a few mins. Then he told you. you just laughed on my way to her room. you got him whipped and you aint even touched him yet.that hole night you and my friend watched movies until 12:03 she feel asleep but you was wide awake and you had to got to the bathroom. When i went upstairs i did my business but when you came out Princeton was right in front of you.

he looked you up and down and asked if you put the thong on for him you told he yes and he just stared smiling hard. he to you hand and asked if you wanted to got go to his room in you head you were freaking out but on the outside you were calm when you got to his room he locked his door and turned around and smiled at you. you just stood on the side of his bed waiting. when he came toured you he grabbed you by you waist and laid you on the bed he started kissing you all over you neck while you were letting out little moans.he placed his hand on you’r stomach and move down  toy your vijja and slowly rub’s your hot wet pussy making you go crazy.

while you started moaning his name. he takes his fingers out and tasted them after he moans”um baby you tasted good”. He slide you pants and thong down ad when down to. He pushed his tongue in you vijja moving around.You arch your back while his tongue is hitting all your walls.while you moan softly ”pprinnceee”. he stand up and whips out Harvard witch was standing up tall.He rammed it in you fast making you scram. He strokes you long and hard. he put his hand over you mouth to keep you from screaming any louder.he goes deeper removes his hands and bites your lips. he stops and turns you over you on top him on bottom.

you hop up and sit on him chest and grab Harvard  and lick he top of him. than like up and down Harvard till you just shove it in making Princeton grunt loudly .he pulled your legs over his head till you pussy hit his mouth and then you where “69”.

he wiggles his tongue inside you making you moan and you deep throat making him grunt again.then you turn around and hop on his dick making him and started riding him. you started hoping up and down and the bed started making noise like it was gonna break but Princeton didn’t care he grabbed you waist and made you go faster.you got tired after a while and laid on his cheat. he kissed you so you kissed back after 5 mins of the make out session you hoped off him and put on your things before you left you told him you had fun and he told you you should sleep over more often.


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Anonymous asked: Grind n twerk on ROC.. BC roc will just watch n let me do my thing. Prince will try ta twerk n grind 2. Problem: he'll out shine me. That Prince's specialty. LOL

LOL True *roc’s voice*

WYR Grind/Twerk On Princeton Or Roc

WWYD or SAY if you were at walmart getting school stuff when you bent down you felt something pock and rub agaist your ass when you look up it’s princeton behind you

WWYD or SAY if you were at a meet & greet with MB and when you shook princeton’s hand he wouldn’t let go and then he started molesting your arm

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Werk dem hips, boo.

yas hunny

Don’t hertz yah self or somebody -nya


Werk dem hips, boo.

yas hunny

Don’t hertz yah self or somebody -nya

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